Types of Leather Jacket

Leather Attractions is one of the leading online stores of leather jackets. The store uses different types of leather to manufacture flight jackets, biker jacket, black leather jacket, bomber jackets and other styles. There are some types which are well-known for their toughness and strength whereas some are famous for their suppleness and softness. With so many leather types, every type has its own properties of look and feel.

When it comes to leather and leather clothing especially jackets, the way you take care of your clothing can affect the effectiveness of leather. However, when it comes to leather, there are many types which you must understand in order to buy the one you required;


Out of the many, goatskin is useful for formal and usual dressing. If you want to buy a Buy black leather jacket with some durability, goatskin is best. It is lighter than cowhide and contains supple appearance.


Lambskin is flexible more than goatskin and usually treated to give traditional appearance. Jackets made of lamb hide get old in no time and become soft with usage.


When it comes to toughness and durability, cowhide is the only hide which is famous and requires no extra treatment. It is heavier than goatskin and is considered best for the manufacture of motorcycle jackets. Jackets made of cow hides are fantastically soft and supple.

These are three main hides which are largely used for the manufacture of leather apparel especially jackets. Other than above, horsehide and sheepskin are also used for the manufacture of durable leather jackets all over the world. However, consider these types and buy a fantastic jacket which suits your body type and shape.


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