Follow these guidelines to buy stylish leather coats

When it is about leather coats, the most common style worn by people all over the world is overcoats which are also known as Trench Coats. History says that overcoats were actually designed to serve the purpose of getting protected from cold and rainwater. In rain and cold weather, overcoats are best to be worn over formal and professional suiting. No other fabric gives you the style and durability that leather does.

Leather overcoats do not only keep the wearer safe from rain water and cold wind but the inner clothing of the individual also remains safe from staining and damaging because length of the trench coats is more than the knees. Overcoats come in various styles but classic style is always and largely liked by the people in the world.

As mentioned before, Men’s Leather Coats are considered one of the best clothing and are available in wide range of styles. These coats contain extra features which include vents, belts, pockets and flaps. Due to these features, people are used to wear them in different ways for formal and professional events. However, to wear the best coat, you must consider best fit.

When it comes to correct fit and cut, you must focus on the few things. Coats can be worn over jackets or sweaters and this type of clothing needs space. You must select a coat which contains of shoulders extended up to 1 inch so that it can provide extra space for inner clothing. Similarly, the sleeves of the coat must extend up to at least 4 inches than where the sleeve of inner clothing ends.

In addition, you should always select a coat which contains length not more than 40 to 44 inches.

3 basic styles of leather jackets

Leather is an all-time favorite material and is considered best for the manufacture of jackets. It is a material which is superiors to other fabrics because it is more durable, water-resistant and lasts for a longer time. When it comes to the styles of leather jackets, there are many to choose from but there are three main styles which can be worn anywhere.


Motocross or a motorcycle jacket is important clothing and gives fantastic protection while riding a motorcycle. Motorcycle jacket act as a safety tool because it gives protection in case of accidents and collisions. A motorcycle jacket is fantastic for those riders who go for work every day and ride bikes on busy roads.

When buying leather jacket for men, motocross jacket is the best option for bikers. Motorcycle jacket is not only used as a protection but it also acts as a label of fashion and style.


Fatigue jackets are fantastically casual and can be worn in different occasions. They are a bit loose and contain soft collar & big flap pockets. When it comes to styling, fatigue jackets can be worn in different ways as they can be fixed at the waist as well as belted.


When it comes to buy leather jacket for men, bomber is one of the most famous styles you should consider. They are usually made up of sheepskin in order to make them warm and stylish outerwear. Bomber jackets are said to be the best outerwear to be worn in any occasion.

However, if you are looking for a leather jacket, you must consider above styles so that you can make your choice better.

How to Steal the Day in Black Leather Jacket?

The leather jacket is classic, becoming a trend since many years. No matter if you are young or old, you can never set an age limit for the love of your leather jacket. Leather jacket for men is more popular comparatively and we can see a lot of jacket lovers out there.

Be it in any color or form, it will look best if it suits your style. But among all the colors, men’s black leather jacket has stolen the show for years. Nothing can beat the beauty and charisma of a black pure leather jacket. It looks flawless, indeed! Pair it with a cool tee and a faded jeans or anyone you pick, you will just ace the look. Actually, you can wear it off with almost anything you wear. It will look great.

Regardless of the weather, leather jackets for men are timeless and can be seen 365 days a year. It is such a versatile wear that you can easily pair it up with almost anything, even women have a great ways to add versatility with a leather jacket.

A black leather jacket is something that you can easily wear it at your work, without any hesitations, but yeah avoid wearing it at formal or client meetings.

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Taking Care of a Leather Jacket

If you are planning to shop for a new leather jacket, mind it that if used carefully, it can last for years. Just like keeping anything require extra special care, leather jackets is no different. Men leather jackets require extra care, as men wear it roughly, nonetheless, be it a leather jacket for men or women leather coats, it requires cleanliness and care to keep it last longer.

The cleaning of leather jackets is not much of a tricky thing, but as you all know it’s made up of a hard texture, so you can’t wash it off in machine, besides this washing it in machine can weaken the leather strength. Below we have discussed a few points to keep in mind about cleaning your leather jacket the right way.

  • Try to keep it away from water, as much as you can. Because washing with water can affect the leather quality.
  • You can find a spray for men leather jackets very easily. Get your hands on that, but make sure you buy from a well-known company.
  • Don’t over use the spray. Just do it very lightly.
  • Don’t throw your jackets, always hang them for a proper dry after cleansing. Other than this, hang them properly every time you take off your jacket.
  • Apply a leather conditioner afterwards, to keep the shiny, soft texture of leather.

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Choosing a Fine Leather Jacket

A good leather jacket is a one-time investment, so watch out for what you buy and from where.

What’s Your Style?

Before you buy leather jackets, it is important to know what style suits you. For this you may have to give a few trials, like said previously that it is a one-time investment and can’t be undone. A leather jacket is more of a personality statement as well. There are many styles to choose from.

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Choose a Good Fit

Without a good fit, all the efforts of buying the jacket along with all the money you have spent will go in vain. A good jacket should make you comfortable inside out. It should not be too baggy, but lose enough to wear something inside, likewise it should not be too tight, so it will be difficult to button up or zip it up.

Your armholes should be high-cut, so that you can easily move your arms. As we know that usually leather jackets for men are more of a hard texture, so it should be loose enough to give a comfortable arms’ movement.

Other than this, when you are buying a jacket, you must try it to see if the sleeves are perfect on size of your arms. It should be covering your wrist but not too long than that.

It is often too difficult to get leather jackets tailored, so buy leather jackets from Leather Attractions for a perfect fit.

Adorn your Looks with Different Leather Jacket Styles

You may find a lot of custom leather jackets styles available today, which includes the motorcycle jacket, the fashion leather jacket for men the duster jacket, and the bomber jacket. Let’s discuss the look of each of them individually.

The Motorcycle Jacket

In men leather jackets, you will find two different variety of motorcycle jacket. The one is solely used for protection purpose and is hard in texture. While the other one is more for a fashion fanatic. Both the jackets nowadays can be used to wear in parties or in casual meetings. The first one was previously more popular because of its durability, as bikers used to wear it rough. Besides durability, the first one was also used for safety purposes, as it is made using extra heavy pads on shoulders and elbows so that one doesn’t get hurt if get an accident while riding the bike.

The Fashion Jacket

In today’s time, the leather jackets have become more of a fashion need. From famous celebs to an ordinary person, everyone wears it as a casual wear. Leather Attractions provide you wide range of custom leather jackets designs to add more style to your look.

The Duster Jacket

The duster jacket is usually three-quarter long or full long with a slit from bottom to hips. It is more of a men leather coat. Today it is worn casually to keep oneself warm during the winters.

The Bomber Jacket

It was originally designed for to be used by the Air Force pilots, in order to stay safe in high altitudes heavy winds. The bomber jacket is a more flexible material with a lining of fur inside to keep the body warm.

Things to Look for When Buying a Leather Jacket:

A leather jacket surely makes an appealing persona, if worn the right way. If you want to keep it last and are looking for a durable jacket, you must keep these things in the head before buying.

The Quality of the Leather

When you’re buying women leather coats, it is important to keep the quality and leather type first in the search. Some leather jackets you may find are thick, shiny or may be super soft, but you need to buy something that is subtle in texture, so it will go a long way for years.


This one can be tricky, but you need to go with something that you wear casually every day. But it solely depends on your body shape, as women really look for a lovely shape after wearing a jacket and also that it hides their lower body. So go for a length that is not too cropped and not too long. At Leathers Attractions you will find a lot of variety of women leather jacket.


Be sure of the color before you buy a jacket, as it’s a single time investment due to the prices. Ladies often buy women leather coats without keeping in mind the rest of the wardrobe. Stylists recommend that it is better to safe than not wearing your favorite jacket at all. Go for a perfect black or white and off-white, which can perfectly go in contrast with the rest of your clothes and accessories.

Shoulder Size

Due to the hard texture, women often misjudge the size when buying the jacket. Even with the hard texture, women leather jackets should still look petite and classy. Always make sure to try before you buy, to make sure it rests perfectly on your shoulders, without giving you a broader manly look.

Knowing the types of leather

From being a biker’s favorite thing to wear to being taken as a serious fashion wear for parties, the love of wearing leather jackets has come a long way. Initially, it was famous only as a leather jacket for men, but now they have become popular among as well.

Wearing leather jackets are one thing, but have you ever wondered about the quality or the kind of leather you must buy? Well, there is no particular leather out there, but you must know when buying. Here we have listed down some of the best leathers for you.

Alligator/ Crocodile: One of the most expensive leather comes from the skin of an alligator and crocodile. It is famous as men black leather jacket and both looks same in texture and pattern.


Shearling: Shearling leather comes from a sheared sheep after the processing of tanning. It has two different surfaces; one is suede and another one is furry, and can be worn with both the sides.

Calfskin: This leather is skinned from the calf’s hide. Calf’s skin is usually soft and has fine grains and it is said to be the most durable of all leathers. The men’s black leather jacket made from the calfskin is exquisite and trendy, making it one of its kinds.

Ostrich:A very rare kind of leather is this ostrich leather, which undergoes a specialized process and is sold at expensive prices.

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Ways to Pair your Leather Jackets

Just like men, women leather jackets have also become one of the important fashion factors. Leather jackets have become an essential part of women’s wardrobe. But what comes after that? Of course the style part, which can be a great deal for some.

So, don’t worry and don’t hesitate to buy women leather jackets, as we have come to your rescue! Check out some of the celebrities inspired styles.

  1. Pleated Skirt: A petite skirt will be prominent exquisitely when worn with a classically chic leather jacket.
  2. Corporate Look: Women love to carry a casual look at work. With  comfy pumps and jeans with a casual t-shirt as an inner, you can wear a nicely fitted leather jacket to complete the look.
  3. Mixed Print Tops: To carry a mixed print can be a challenge for many. But you can wear a single toned women leather jacket in order to keep look minimal.
  4. Flaunting ShortsNot a lot of women are fond of wearing jackets with shorts, but trust us, this looks hot yet trendy. Also, you can pair them with long boots or sneakers.
  5. Sporty n Chic: This look can be attained effortlessly by wearing a cool leather jacket on top of a warm inner paired with either cotton pants or jeans.

Having a good fashion sense and shopping the best of everything can really lift off your personality. Leather Attractions has a vast collection of trendy and chic leather jackets, and you can easily buy women leather jackets online, by just making a couple of clicks.

From Brunch to Date Night – Ways to Perfect a Leather Jacket:

Fashion is one thing; women take too seriously and can’t get enough of. When it comes to styling, women leather jackets can’t go unnoticed. Who said leather jackets can only be worn casually while hanging out with friends? We have listed down a few more occasions for which you can buy women leather jackets and flaunt that perfect style.


While Brunching

Usually, women think that wearing a jacket to a brunch party would make the whole look to gaudy. Well, you’re wrong here! You can still keep a minimal look while wearing a leather jacket. Wear a bright color as a top and pair it with a lighter tone jacket.


Cocktail It Up

Cocktails are an occasion where knee length frocks and skirts do well, and people hesitate in carrying a women leather jacket to the party. But trust us, it can give you lively look for the evening. You can also drape it over your shoulders and it will look a perfect top for that little dress and heels.


Ace the Date Night

Definitely, not a lot of women would go buy women leather jacket for that upcoming perfect date night. But girl, you gotta trust us on this. Not only pairing up your dress with a lovely leather jacket will make a perfect look for you, but it will also make your guy realize that you’re so cool. Choose a style that flatters your body shape.


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