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Sizing Chart


In order to get your ordered items right the first time, we offer our valued customers the unique opportunity to get their orders customized absolutely free of charge, so you can get the most out of your investment and can enjoy the perfect fit, without going through the hassle of exchanging orders and paying shipping charges for returning the merchandise. We offer this unique opportunity to our valued clients because customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. To customize an order please use the following procedure to measure different parts of your body.


Shoulder: Measure from the tip of one shoulder, across your back, to the tip of your other shoulder.           sizing
Sleeves: Start measuring from your shoulder seam, with your arm slightly bent, to the tip of your wrist.
Chest/Bust: With arms relaxed at your sides, measure the fullest circumference of the chest/bust, keeping the tape parallel to the ground.
Waist: Measure around your waist where your pants usually fall. For low rise pants measure a little bit lower than your natural waist or where you want your pants to fall.
Hips: Stand with your heels together and measure around the fullest circumference of your hips, keeping the tape parallel to the ground.
In-seam: Using a pair of pants that fit you well, measure along the inside of the pants leg from crotch to the bottom opening. The number of inches measured is the inseam length.
Length: For jacket’s/coat’s length start measuring from the back at the canter of the shoulder, just below the back collar to the place where you want the jacket/coat to end.

Note: standard length varies for every design and item. If requested, standard length can be increased at very nominal charges.

Note: After placing your order just let us know your measurements or after receiving your order we will contact you. If our manufacturing department finds anything that needs to be clarified about your provided measurements we will contact you with our suggestion and will make necessary changes.

 Men’s Standard Sizing Chart For Coats, Jackets & Vests:

Standard Sizing:X SmallSmallMediumLarge X Large2X Large3X Large
Numbered Sizing:32 – 3436 – 3840 – 4244 – 4648 – 5052 – 5456 – 58
Chest (inches):30 – 3234 – 3638 – 4042 – 4446 – 4850 – 5254 – 56
Waist (inches):24 – 2628 – 3032 – 3436 – 3840 – 4244 – 4648 – 50
Arms (inches):28 – 3032 – 3333 – 3434 – 3535 – 3636 – 3737 – 38

Ladies Standard Sizing Chart for Coats, Jackets & Vests:

Standard Sizing:X SmallSmallMediumLarge X Large2X Large3X Large
Numbered Sizing:46 – 810 – 1214 – 1618 – 2022 – 2426 – 28
Bust (inches):33 1/234 – 35 1/236 – 3839- 4143 – 4545 – 4747 – 48
Waist (inches):24 1/225 – 26 1/227 – 2930 – 3234 – 3638 – 4042 – 44
Hips (inches):35 1/236 – 37 1/238 – 4040 – 4345 – 4748 – 4950 – 52
Arms (inches):30313233343536

If you have an item that you would like copied or a picture of a style that you like, please send it to us by email and we can make it according to your measurements. As always, there are no extra charges for “Big and Tall”.

Pants & Skirts:

At Leather Attractions Pants and Skirts are ordered by the normal waist circumference and we do not use sizing numbers ,e.g. 8,10,14,16, for ordering because the sizes vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer , the best way to determine your waist size is by measuring your actual waist circumference using a measuring tape.

To hem pants, simply use sharp scissors and cut them to the length you want. MAKE SURE THEY FIT, AND MAKE SURE YOU TRY THEM ON WITH THE FOOTWEAR YOU WILL BE WEARING WITH PANTS BEFORE YOU CUT THEM OFF!! We will not accept returns on pants that have been cut off.

NOTE: Sizing standards may vary. A comments box is provided when you place your order .We welcome any additional sizing information and measurements to help us get it right the first time!

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