Know different skins to buy a perfect leather jacket!

If you are planning to buy custom leather jackets, it is better to know different skins from which leather clothing is made. Once you select the right skin, it will provide you comfort, durability and style. This is the reason, you should not take the selection of the skin lightly. When it comes to the tanning of leather, it is a complex process and there are many factors to consider.

The first thing to consider is the animal from which the hide is taken. People think that most of the leather clothing is made from cow hide but in real, bovine leather is real stiff one and is mostly used in the manufacture of motorcycle custom leather jackets. The hide that comes from horses and buffaloes are also stiff enough to manufacture jackets which provide enough protection.

However, when it comes to soft leather hides, calfskin is one of the famous hides but it is less hard-wearing in long run. Goatskin is a fantastic alternative to calfskin as it is supple and provides good durability at the same time. Goatskin is highly water-repellant also. When it comes to light hides, sheepskin is one of the hides which is used to manufacture pilot-style Shearling jackets.

On the other hand, the lightest of all hides is the lambskin which is chosen by many high fashion and luxury labels as provides softness more than any hide. However, when you select the hide for your leather clothing, you need to focus on its durability so that you can take the advantage of your clothing for a longer time. You must know that the lighter the hide, the less durability it provides.

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