Knowing the types of leather

From being a biker’s favorite thing to wear to being taken as a serious fashion wear for parties, the love of wearing leather jackets has come a long way. Initially, it was famous only as a leather jacket for men, but now they have become popular among as well.

Wearing leather jackets are one thing, but have you ever wondered about the quality or the kind of leather you must buy? Well, there is no particular leather out there, but you must know when buying. Here we have listed down some of the best leathers for you.

Alligator/ Crocodile: One of the most expensive leather comes from the skin of an alligator and crocodile. It is famous as men black leather jacket and both looks same in texture and pattern.


Shearling: Shearling leather comes from a sheared sheep after the processing of tanning. It has two different surfaces; one is suede and another one is furry, and can be worn with both the sides.

Calfskin: This leather is skinned from the calf’s hide. Calf’s skin is usually soft and has fine grains and it is said to be the most durable of all leathers. The men’s black leather jacket made from the calfskin is exquisite and trendy, making it one of its kinds.

Ostrich:A very rare kind of leather is this ostrich leather, which undergoes a specialized process and is sold at expensive prices.

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