Different finishes of leather and their characteristics

Deciding on a particular hide is not enough to buy Women’s Leather Coats. Once you are done with the selection of hide, you need to put strong focus on the tanning process of the hide. According to different processes of tanning, different finishes are produced and difference in finishes affects the handling and leather appearance.

However, to understand better, following are the main types of finishes produced by different tanning processes;


Nappa observes a lengthy and complex tanning process which is applied to full grain lamb skins. Nappa is a fantastic finish which is soft, supple and durable. According to its characteristics, Nappa is rated as the highest grade of leather and this is the reason, it is a bit expensive.


When it comes to the tanning process of aniline finish, a transparent chemical is used. The chemical makes the hide colored and softened without compromising the natural tones and shades of the hide. When it comes to aniline finish, it is applied to cows, buffaloes and sheep hides. Aniline finish produces a mottled appearance so that the hide breathes well.


Nubuck is soft and has a velvety finish which is a bit similar to suede. The quality of Nubuck finish is much higher than that of suede and it is also an expensive finish. 


The suede finish is the finish in which, the inner side of the hide is used. It is more of a rubbery finish but does not contain the same durability as Nubuck has. It water-stain susceptible and this is the reason chemically treated to make water-resistant.

Therefore, you must consider above types of hides in order to buy Women’s Leather Coats.

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