Expert tips for cleaning and caring of leather jacket!

The very first rule is to avoid cleaning of a leather jacket with any detergent or soap if possible. If it cannot be avoided, then it is recommended to use mild soap and cold water with a sponge. Once you apply on your jacket, it is very important to wipe it off immediately with a soft towel. Continuous rubbing on any one spot on your jacket can create a non-uniform appearance which will not look good.

After drying your jacket, it is extremely important to use a commercial leather-moisturizing product in order to remoisten it and make it supple to use. When it comes to non-sealed leathers, the use of moisturizer can seal its grain. If you are unable to clean your jacket on your own, it is recommended to take your jacket to professional cleaners. Through professional cleaners, you can have your jacket cleaned professionally with the right product.

Before applying and getting any product applied on your leather jacket, it is important to consult the instructions of the manufacturer because it helps doing things in a correct and standard way. Cleaning is important if you buy jackets for men & womens as cleaning keeps your clothing live for years and even lifetime. However, when it comes to proper care, there are some general rules to follow.

• Do not leave your jackets wet in any condition and if they get wet, you must leave them to dry naturally before storing.
• Avoid storing your jacket in direct sunlight as it loses the natural colour and appearance.
• A cool closet is the right place to store a jacket but it is also important that the store has low humidity.

Hence, if you buy jackets for men & womens, always follow the above instructions and keep them alive for lifetime.

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