Different Styles of Leather Jacket

There is no single style to define leather jackets, as there are diverse styles of jackets available in the market. And you can’t say what’s really a best in jacket collection, as it is completely a personal choice and taste when you buy leather jackets.

Leather jackets for men can be in different styles, mostly differentiated in terms of length, color, texture and whether it’s a zipper or a buttoned jacket.

We have collected a few types of custom leather jackets that are a must have for every man out there.

Double Rider Jacket:

Ever since the famous celebrities have started using these men leather jackets, people are adopting the style rapidly. It is made using high-quality full grain leather. With its exclusive texture, it makes one’s look at it best.

The Racer Jacket

Another one on the men leather jackets list is the Racer Jacket. It is a center front zipper with a band collar. The jacket looks really appealing with its minimal designing. As the name depicts, the jacket is usually worn by bikers.

The Flight Jacket

Also known as A2 flight jacket, this one was originally derived as a military pilot’s wear, as custom leather jackets, in order to keep them warm. It has a ribbed cuff and hems, along with a center front, which covered by a placket.

With Leather Attractions you’ve got many options, and they all make a very distinct look from the others. Even within one style, different colors and textures can give you a very different outlook.

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