The classic styles of leather jackets!

There are many styles of leather jackets which are worn by people of all over the world. In order to suit a leather jacket to body shape, it is important to know the basic styles of jackets.

Motocross is an exclusive leather blazer or jacket which is also called Moto. A motocross jacket is tight fitted style and it contains a collar which does not turn down. The front zips of the jacket are usually up and it has an elastic waist. When it comes to extra details, motocross jackets don’t have any such as buckles or pocket flaps.

If you are fond of riding bikes, a motocross jacket is a must for you to buy as it creates style, comfortable and protective.

A leather jacket in fatigue style looks fantastic and sometimes appears as cloth jacket. The collar of the fatigue-style is soft and it can even turn down or flip up. Fatigue jackets are generally loose in fitting than motocross jackets and they cinch at the waist unlike motocross jackets. These exclusive leather blazers are more practical than any other leather styles because they can be worn in day-to-day suiting.

When it comes to warm leather clothing, a bomber style is the right selection. Bomber jackets provide great warmth as they were actually designed for the pilots used to stay in cockpits. A bomber jacket has a soft collar which can turn down to provide style as well as comfort.
Hence, if you are planning to buy a leather jacket, make sure you know the types so that you can buy the perfect jacket for your body shape.

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