What to consider for buying custom leather jackets

Buying custom leather jackets can be a daunting experience for you if you are not aware of the type of finishes of leather. Besides knowing about the hide, it is also important to know the tanning process and type of finishes. The different treatment of tanning produces different finishes and the difference of the finish can make handling and appearance of leather different.

Therefore, in order to know about the finishes and tanning processes, go through the following information;

Nappa Finish

The tanning process of Nappa finish is a bit lengthy and complex and the process is applied to lamb skins in full grain. Nappa is supposed to be one of the fantastic finishes and it is soft as well as extremely durable. However, Nappa is supposed to be one of expensive finishes and is rated as most high grade finish.

Aniline Finish

Aniline finish observes a simple process in which a transparent chemical is used to shape the hide. In aniline, natural tone of the hide is not compromised and the hide is made colored and softened. The aniline process is applied to the hides of cows, sheep and buffaloes. Moreover, for the healthy breathing of hide, the appearance of the hide is made dappled.


When it comes to custom Leather Jackets, one of the best types of finish is Nubuck. Nubuck is happened to be soft and contains a velvety finish as well as a bit similar to Suede finish but the quality is better.

Hence, it is better to understand the above finishes of leather in order to buy best jacket.


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