Adorn your Looks with Different Leather Jacket Styles

You may find a lot of custom leather jackets styles available today, which includes the motorcycle jacket, the fashion leather jacket for men the duster jacket, and the bomber jacket. Let’s discuss the look of each of them individually.

The Motorcycle Jacket

In men leather jackets, you will find two different variety of motorcycle jacket. The one is solely used for protection purpose and is hard in texture. While the other one is more for a fashion fanatic. Both the jackets nowadays can be used to wear in parties or in casual meetings. The first one was previously more popular because of its durability, as bikers used to wear it rough. Besides durability, the first one was also used for safety purposes, as it is made using extra heavy pads on shoulders and elbows so that one doesn’t get hurt if get an accident while riding the bike.

The Fashion Jacket

In today’s time, the leather jackets have become more of a fashion need. From famous celebs to an ordinary person, everyone wears it as a casual wear. Leather Attractions provide you wide range of custom leather jackets designs to add more style to your look.

The Duster Jacket

The duster jacket is usually three-quarter long or full long with a slit from bottom to hips. It is more of a men leather coat. Today it is worn casually to keep oneself warm during the winters.

The Bomber Jacket

It was originally designed for to be used by the Air Force pilots, in order to stay safe in high altitudes heavy winds. The bomber jacket is a more flexible material with a lining of fur inside to keep the body warm.

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