Understand the leather type to buy the perfect jacket!

People are often confused about the type of leather used in the manufacturing of jackets. The usual answer is that the performance of the hide depends upon the style and function. It is an important thing to consider that the purpose of the garment and style define the leather hide and its acceptance. However, the main difference of hides depends upon the animal which the hides come from.

If you want a quality leather jacket for yourself, make sure you know the difference of hides so that you can buy the best jacket which suits your body shape and personality;

Cow and Buffalo
The hides of cow and buffalo are known to be the toughest hides which are used in shoes, furnishings and jackets. The hides come from cows and buffaloes are abrasion resistant and provide fantastic protection. These hides are often used in motorcycle protective gears such as jackets, gloves etc.

Sheep and Lamb
Every best leather jacket company in USA recommends choosing for the sheep and lamb hide as they are more supple and lighter in weight. However, the hides come from sheep and lambs are still tough and durable as well as provide comfort, style and strength.

The hide come from pig is not really famous among the users. The hide of pig is thin, provides plastic finish and the durability of the hide is not good. Make sure you consult best Leather Jacket Company in USA for buying best jackets.

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