Factors to remember for buying leather vest

Which type of leather is useful for leather vest?

There are many things which must be considered for buying mens biker leather vests. Among the various factors, understanding skins and hides is extremely important. Unlike the perception of common people, hides are very simple to understand because there is only a slight difference between the hides of different animals.

The term ‘Hides’ is associated with the pelts of large animals whereas ‘Skin’ is used for the pelts of small animals. When it comes to hides and skin, Leather Attractions follows very strict policy and this is the reason, it offers one of the best jackets in the world. It is one of the best online stores and sells affordable and stylish mens biker leather vests.

Following is the information about skins and hides of animals;


Calfskin is the hide of a calf. The hide from the calf is a fine grain and is very soft naturally. It is also one of the durable hides.

Shear ling

The tanned skin of a sheared sheep is dressed with the wool. Shear ling consists of a suede surface on one side whereas the other side is clipped fur surface. Any of the surfaces can be used for clothing.


Skin of ostrich is usually found in South Africa and is a bit different skin to be used for leather clothing. It is said to be one of the expensive skins.

Other than the above, there are many hides which are commonly used for leather clothing such as cowhides, horsehides etc. However, if you are buying a leather vest, you must understand the skins and hides.

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