Store your leather jacket correctly!

Leather is an expensive material and products made of leather are costly such as leather jackets. The prime reason to do the proper storage of such items is to make them last longer as well as retain the original appearance for a long time. Whether you buy jackets for men & womens, it is required to store them properly for the aforementioned reasons. If you are not aware of how to store them in a proper way, follow the below techniques;

• Acid-free paper should be used to store a leather jacket. The arms and spaces of the jacket can be stuffed with the paper so that it retains its shape. By stuffing the jacket with the paper, it can be protected from dust and other damaging elements of environment.

• Make sure a cloth covering is used to cover a jacket so that leather can breathe. Using of wire hangers can be extremely damaging as it leaves creases in garments and destroys it overtime. Therefore, wide hangers must be used to hang them in order to retain the shape.

• Storing a leather jacket in a breathable container is always advantageous as it allows leather to breathe. Such containers can be fabric bags, suitcases and wooden trunks. Don’t store too many leather items in one place as it can create overcrowding which prevents material to breathe.

• Leather conditioners must be applied on jackets so as to preserve leather quality and retain moisture.

• Make sure that the jacket is not stored in an area exposed to sunlight, heat or moisture as it abruptly affects the quality of material.

However, if you buy jackets for men & womens, make sure you buy it from the right store and store it according to the tips shared above.

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